Out on the town this week during Austin Fashion Week, I stopped in to at 501 Studios where Dean Fredrick’s event The Heist was just getting started. The queen of funk and soul in Austin, DJ I Wanna Be Her was spinning until the crowd were treated to performances by bands included White Ghost ShiversEric Johnson (legendary guitarist), Smoke and Feathers and Graham Wilkinson.

With food and drinks provided by Mulberry, Frank, Tito’s, and Maine Root, the event was hosted in association with Gypsy Sun and benefiting Dress for Success Austin ($5 donation) Hat designer Lana Chu had her wonderfully creative designs displayed by 10 models for the course of the evening.

Dagny Piasecki, Emily Antonetti-Elford, Carrie Hiner-Berry, Ashley Bergeron, Jolyn Janis, Christina Svec, uLOVEi , Lindsay Lipscomb, Amanda Elmore, Aisha Elizabeth, Eryn Brooke, Hannah Heard

After The Heist, I went to the Driskill Hotel where there were presentations from a wide variety of designers based locally and from around the country. Here is the complete list of designers who had their designs modeled for the event De Petra Art & Jewelry (Houston, TX)Jun E Caniel (Fayetteville, NC)Janie G. Couture (Panama City Beach, FL)LNE (Houston, TX)LSD Hats (Edmond, OK)Milli Starr (Austin, TX)My GiGi (Austin, TX)Petrecia & Monique (San Antonio, TX)Rene Geneva Design (Austin, TX)Roy Hayes Studio (Grand Rapids, MI)SuKaz (Houston, TX) and VASTRA By Namrita Chettiar (San Francisco, CA)