Digital Workflow Workshop Austin May 1st 2010

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This workshop covers both an introduction to studio lighting techniques and equipment found in a studio, digital workflow, and professional retouching techniques. Attendees will photograph a model—who will have professional makeup and fashion styling—and then use those images while learning retouching techniques. We will start at the beginning with a discussion of the nature of light, and quickly move into practical demos with live models. Take a look at the topics below, and book your seat to take 8-12 months off your journey to more professional results!

We will have a Wilhelmina Brown model wearing outfits styled by Fashion Stylist Edie Henry who moved recently from Los Angeles and our makeup artist for the workshop will be Liliana Espinosa.

Workshop details
Studio Workshop Leader :: Gerry Hanan
Digital Workflow and Retouching Leader :: Rodrigo Bressane
Date :: May 1st
Times :: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Location ::  COSPACE, 911 W Anderson Ln, Suite 203, Austin, TX 78757
Location phone number :: (512) 814-8379
Enrollment Fee :: $250.00

Studio Lights—Topics Covered
The qualities of light
Color temperatures
Gels and light modifications
Basic studio equipment
Hotlights vs. strobe
Professional studio equipment
Background choices
Model selection
Model direction
How to work with models
Basic lighting setups
Intermediate lighting setups
Accents and hair lights

Learn how to make educated guesses about how a photograph was lit.

Digital Workflow & Retouching
Capture for retouching
Image ingestion & archiving
Raw processing
Management in Bridge
Post production & professional skin, eyes & shape retouching

This workshop is designed for those photographers who are starting out, who have little or no experience in the studio, and feel the need to increase their photoshop skills to garner more professional results. Multiple lighting setups and models will be used to examine different avenues of photographing in the studio. While not expressly a studio class, the workshop begins with a section devoted to the studio, and will cover the basics and give you a framework for the types of equipment you should consider within 3 different price ranges.

Bring your camera and a notebook with CS3 or CS4.

(My focus will be on the studio photography while Rodrigo will focus on digital workflow, post production, and professional retouching.)

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The location for the workshop is the Austin COSPACE at 911 W Anderson Ln Austin TX 78757–this is in the Lamar Gateway retail center across from the pink gorilla and the Bingo parlor at the confluence of Anderson Lane, Lamar, and 183. We’re in Suite 203, which is upstairs, right in the middle of the retail center.

Parking: Free and ample in the back, up front, or even in the covered parking at the east end of the center.

Lunch: There are restaurants within a 2-3 minute walk, including El Nuevo Mexico‎, Quan Ba Tho‎, 8 8 8 Vietnamese Restaurant,‎ and Taqueria El Rancho Grande‎.

Select the number of attendees you are paying for