Sometimes the stars align and you’re offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot at a property valued at over $10 million…

L U C I M A’s Las Vegas Estate Fashion/Editorial Workshop

-April 16th-17th (Saturday and Sunday)

-15 photographers (max)

-2 to 3 photographers per 1 agency-represented model (probably 4 to 5 models depending on # photographers).


LA Photographer Charles Lucima Agency Model Fashion/Editorial portfolio building workshop benefiting Red Cross Japan

-In one of the most ridiculously luxurious estates you’ve ever seen. Fountains. Pool. Towering cathedral-styled ceilings. Private gated-community. Fully furnished. 8 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. The pictures speak for themselves smile

-We’ll be taking advantage of the ambient lighting indoors and outdoors and creating different lighting sets for each of the unique styled looks. We’ll explore the nuances of putting together a fashion/editorial shoot in a thematic location such as this estate. I’ll set a full agenda for each day that includes lots of shooting.

-9AM-5PM on each day. Lunch is provided. And since we have the location for 3 days I’m sure we’ll hang out a little after each day of the workshop smile

-$895 for the first 8 photographers that sign up! $1095 thereafter! Payment due in full upon registration. Please pay below or make a check payable to LUCIMA STUDIO and send to:

2620 Concord Ave. STE 120
Alhambra, CA 91803

-With the different styled looks and models, I a photographer can build his/her entire book during the 2-day workshop. Considering typical model, studio, MUA costs, stylist costs for such a production, I think the cost is well justified wink

-We’ll of course be going over post-processing techniques for fashion/editorial looks.

-Here are the last 2 workshops I did in January and February!

I’ll be posting more notes and stuff soon! Here we go! smile


Q: How far is the estate from the airport?
A: About 6-7 miles

Q: What should I bring?
A: The usual! smile Assorted portrait lenses, camera body, lightmeter, triggers (if you have them but we’ll have plenty), lots of SD/CF cards (you’ll be doing tons of shooting), and something to take notes on (a laptop might be useful so you can dump cards onto the computer!).

Q: How much does a cab cost?
A: About $20 from the airport but it really depends on where you’re staying. I suggest renting a car since it’s much more cost-effective and parking at the estate is not an issue!

Q: What if I don’t have a lightmeter?
A: While it’s not absolutely imperative that you have/bring a lightmeter (you can use the in-camera lightmeter), fashion/editorial often requires that you balance ambient light. The lightmeter allows you to quickly meter a certain ISO, aperture, shutter for any condition. In my work, I often need to drop ambient 1-2 stops to allow my subject to stand out with the help of strobes. The lightmeter allows me to meter angularly different sides of my subjects face and determine how much flash I need to either fill or overpower ambient (as main light). When I get to the camera, I then don’t have to take as many test shots chimping to the proper balanced exposure.

This is one of the most critical components of working on-location for fashion/editorial work. Of course having the concept/storyboarding/feeling is first and foremost to determining your settings smile

Q: Will we be shooting nudies?
A: Nope. There are great workshops for that kind of thing but our focus for this location will be shooting fashion/editorial fully-styled smile

Q: What experience level is this workshop geared towards?
A: I would say that the average skill level my workshop photographer is somewhere in the intermediate range. I define intermediate as someone who understands “basic lighting”. What does this mean? To me this means firstly a basic manipulation of ambient exposure via camera settings. This also means you are comfortable shooting off-camera flash. Those are the only prerequisite skills/experiences that I need you to have so we can build off of that to create greater understanding with shaping your subjects with light.

That being said, if you come with an open-mind and a willingness to learn, you’ll gain volumes regardless what skill level you are. The purpose of this workshop is to learn how to assess different scenarios, different wardrobe and create a unique lighting look that tells a “story”. We’ll use reflectors, scrims, flags as well as 1 and 2 light setups with various modifiers to accent the features on the models.

Upon greater consideration I realized that my answer wasn’t entirely true. I have had students come to my workshop without much if any experience with off-camera flash. Though generally the photographers own PocketWizards and strobes themselves, I think that off-camera flash is just a lighting model that isn’t dissimilar from anything else that has to do with lighting. If you’re comfortable feathering a reflector then you’ve at least gotten the intent of off-camera flash: Proper lighting is necessary at angles other than on-axis /on-camera.

That’s perhaps the greatest obstacle. If you don’t have that realization then it’s hard to build those mental models of different light in your mind. But if you have that mental construct, then all that you need to do (at my workshop) is pop on a PocketWizard and pay attention to how the different setups create different effects.

I will show you how to take control of ambient exposure and balance it with strobe under different lighting conditions. This is part of the agenda that everyone will experience regardless of experience.

And I will show you the subtleties using traditional modifiers (but differently) such as reflectors etc. There’s simply so much you can do with a reflector and if done properly you can pretty much kiss your strobes goodbye. On location reflectors are for me as important as the strobes.

Lastly, seeing that this workshop will be a smaller and more elite group of photographers, I will really be able to cater to each photographer and each photographer’s goals for learning at the workshop.

Q: Who are the models?
A: So far it’s Anneliese from NEXT and Brett from Zuri. I’ll update as we go along!