Client shoot agreement with Hananexposures.


Thank you for choosing to work with Hananexposures for your next shoot.

I look forward to our shoot and towards a long client relationship with you. Because there are many photographers out there, all with different expectations and operating policies, I wanted to wrap some structure and clarity around how I do business. I have prepared this shoot agreement as the result of my experience from years of working with clients nationwide and abroad.

The purpose of this agreement is to inform you of how I do business and what my expectations are regarding the use of your images, both purchased and your proof images.


Prior to your shoot, please print this page and sign it and bring it with you.


I ____________________________, as the client of Hananexposures, confirm I have read this entire document and with my signature confirm I agree to the following.

I understand that the sole purpose for my proof gallery is for me to choose my selects from my shoot.

I understand that the proof gallery is not a platform for me to get more images outside of  my agreement with Hananexposures.

I will not re-distribute the images in my proof gallery offline or electronically on mediums including but not limited to websites, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest etc

I will not edit, crop or alter in any fashion whatsoever.

I will not remove a Hananexposures watermark from an image as I understand it is there for a reason.

If I have been given permission to use watermarked images online and I want to use it as my profile image I will not use it if that site crops the image to where the watermark is no longer visible

If I choose to use the image on Facebook as my profile shot I will extend the crop so it displays the entire image.

I will not make any edits to the images I get as a result of my shoot with Hananexposures.

If I have purchased digital versions of my images and want to use them online, I will add the following text “© Copyright Hananexposures XXXX” substituting the XXXX with the year the image was taken.

If I have purchased an image from Hananexposures, I understand the following regarding licensing : I am purchasing the rights to use the image. All copyright remains the sole property of Hananexposures and unless there is a contract with Hananexposures stating otherwise.  I have no right to sell this image or include the image as part of any promotional artwork for a commercial product or to be used online or in print.  All requests for commercial use licensing will be forwarded to Hananexposures at

Thank you for taking the time to read this document. Please print this, sign it and bring it to your shoot.


NAME (PRINTED) ____________________________



SIGNED _____________________________________

Date ___ /____ /____