In my studio today, as the title indicates, I was not doing a fashion shoot. Instead, I was doing lighting for the interviews with documentary film maker Lisa Kaselek and the band members of Los Bad Apples.

Over the course of the interviews, we began to learn about the background of each band member and some of their expectations and fears regarding the trip.  We also learnt a little about their thoughts on soldiers, pursuing dreams and the place where both meet.

Due to schedule conflicts, not every member of the band was able to make it to the interviews, and the remaining interviews with Aldo Ramón and Greg Jones will be taking place on another day.

In addition to the band members and myself, also travelling on this tour are sound engineer Ryan from Nomad Sound, and documentary film maker Lisa Kaselek. Anita.Anita Benner

Anita Benner 001

Zeale 001

Zeale 003



Andy 002

DJ Chicken George

Jeff 001

Jeff 002


Lisa 001

Lisa 002