Fashion photography–this is my passion–to photograph beauty and fashion.  Over the course of many years of shooting models, families, bands, performance artists, wedding couples, politicians, and products, I have discovered that beauty and fashion photography are the two genres that blow the wind up my skirt.

This is the blog of fashion photographer Gerry Hanan, of  Hananexposures.

’09 will be an interesting year–it’s already started off with a 2 week trip from Texas to California.  Gerry & Jerry

The highlight of my trip was to meet up with someone I have the honor of calling friend: celebrity, fashion & advertising photographer, Jerry Avenaim, in LA.

Gerry & Jerry (that’s me on the left) One of these chaps shot the cover of Vogue Milan in his early 20’s–the other chap has a subscription to Vogue.




More to come soon on my recent trip to California, and a blog on the upcoming trip to the Middle East in February.